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Quit Yr Job Records is the band wing of Do-IY, a Bristol based art collective who's mission is to collaborate, push the boundaries of the creative process and leave a mark on Bristol's already vibrant canvas. 


We believe a group of artists of any discipline working together and in harmony with one another to achieve their goals is not only a more enjoyable and fulfilling process but it makes it more likely for all those contributing to reach success. In the context our bands that means putting on plenty of shows together, working on home recordings and organising collaborative tours that don't just see every support act as a throwaway and helping our bands produce unique physical releases primarily through cassette tapes.






Cassettes go beyond being a medium with a nostalgic aesthetic that adds a nice warm stylistic saturation to our releases. We believe tapes are a way for artists to release their material that frees them from the bureaucracy of the mainstream music industry and even some parts of the DIY scene.

After a brief period of turmoil in the 2000s, physical releases are once more invaluable to bands, but vinyl will always have to be outsourced to third party companies and is an expensive process to go through that makes it completely inaccessible to most people in an industry that provides notoriously little, no or even negative income despite the immeasurable amounts of time and effort that go into it. Cassettes on the other hand are cheap to produce and anybody can do it at home with the right equipment sourced cheaply off eBay or even local charity shops. For a small amount of money bands can create a professional looking release after which all the money can go back to them and this is a very valuable asset in a world of streaming and expensive vinyl trends that one either never sees any money back from or turnover is very little. If you want to dismantle a broken industry or force it to change for the better you have to provide an alternative and cassettes are the perfect medium.

Being freed from monetary constraints will often encourage artists to take bolder creative choices and are more prone to positive risk taking. This thoroughly enriches the creative process bands go through and puts them down a path where they are more likely to discover what makes them unique when it comes to recording and releasing their material.

As a final note, not only do we sell cassettes but we also refurbish old Walkmen to bring back these beautiful tapes back from the world of the obsolete and into your ears. You can find both in our store.


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